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City of Saints: NYC

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In-game Guidelines


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In-game Guidelines

Common Rules
⦁ Every player should feel welcomed in the community no matter what their background is. Any form of OOC discrimination towards another is forbidden and can result into a ban. This includes platforms such as twitch, discord, twitter, reddit, etc.
⦁ Players must follow Twitch.tv Terms of Service (TOS) at all times. Click HERE to view them.
⦁ There should be no toxicity towards staff members even if you disagree with their decision. If you feel an admin is making the wrong decision, the decision can be reviewed by a member of Staff Management. It is important to have patience when communicating with staff members as they do have multiple responsibilities.

General Rules and Character Creation
⦁ Character names must be a realistic name.
⦁ Character names cannot be names of celebrities or famous people.
⦁ Character name can not match your out of character name or alias.
⦁ Failing to roleplay a situation is strictly forbidden. You're expected to be roleplaying at all times, If a player breaks the rule during the situation you must finish the roleplay and report later. You must also roleplay any injuries that occur to your character or any accidents that happen when driving, even if you are alone.
I. Being Away From Keyboard during a roleplay situation.
II. Leaving the server during an active situation.
III. Failing to roleplay injuries during a car crash unless it was dsync. (If it is due to dsync then you will need to type ooc to inform the second party).

⦁ You are not allowed to leak information regarding another individual or make threats.
⦁ You are not allowed to intimidate players from playing on the server or continuously harass them in-game for out of character reasons.

Abuse of Game Physics
Any bugs found out by players are to be reported immediately in the discord or to a staff member. Abusing or exploiting features in order to gain a result is not intended by the server's script is considered to be bug abuse. Players found abusing/exploiting bugs in the server will be banned. Players who are also aware of the bug, and do not report it will also be banned. You also can not abuse the following
I. Bunnyhopping ( jumping while running around to gain speed in a situation)
II. Spam Punching (spam clicking mouse 1 in a fight and not giving someone a chance to react).
III. Unrealistic driving
IV. Abuse of Jobs (spawning a job vehicle to evade police)
V. Drive by as a Driver (Shooting from the driver seat)

Public Chat and Advertisements
⦁ You’re not allowed to advertise any other server or platform.
⦁ All players must use English to communicate and in character chat must be English only.
⦁ You’re not allowed to put up unrealistic or illegal ads on twitter, yellow pages, etc.

Offensive Roleplay and Interactions
This is rule to allow some freedom during roleplay while making sure both parties give consent, and are comfortable. This roleplay includes torture, dismemberment, and other roleplay that may disgust another due to graphic description.
I. Sexual, torture or extremely gross roleplay is only allowed if both parties involved (participants and witnesses) have agreed to it in our of character chat prior to the scene. This scene must be conducted away from other plays where they will not stumble across it.
II. If at any time a player is uncomfortable with the roleplay and they are a participant they may request that it stops at any time. If a player witnesses offensive roleplay they are free to remove themselves from the scene.
III. Players breaking the rules doesn't mean the roleplay stops, if you have an issue with the player submit a report in-game if it is severe or report on the forums.
IV. Players trying to meet someone via stream sniping isn’t allowed. If you’re found to be stream sniping you will be permanently banned and unwhitelisted from the server.
V. All players must remain in character unless an administrator says otherwise. Players may not void roleplay or any scenario unless an administrator says otherwise. You must follow all administrator instructions.
VI. The following types of roleplay are not allowed to happen on the server at all cannibalism, bestiality, necrophilia, and paedophilia. Rape roleplay is fully forbidden. This also includes complaints, allegations, and any of the like when it comes to rape roleplay.

Real World Trading

You’re not allowed to trade any in-game items for out of game currency. You may not transfer anything between any of your characters without an approved asset transfer request. Real World trading is defined as trading anything with value outside of the game for value in-game. For example (weapons, houses, businesses, vehicles, and money).

Killing another person without a sufficient roleplay reason (deathmatching) is not allowed. Unnecessary provoking falls under this rule as well. Terrorism is strictly forbidden.

This also includes revenge killing — when you respawn after being executed and then kill (or at least attempt to) the person who has just murdered you. Your In Character memory is wiped off everything that led up to your death when you are killed, so you should forget about your attacker. Examples;
  • Attacking another player/group without any story/roleplay leading up to it.
  • Attacking another player/group using a Vehicle with the intent to kill/knock them out without valid reasoning or initiation.
  • John Doe has killed you over a legitimate in character reason and you respawned without being saved by the Police Department/Fire Department so you get a gun from your house and go back and kill him.
  • You provoke a fist fight with two people who are unarmed and then you pull your firearm out and kill them.
  • Players cannot provoke a situation or another player without valid reasons behind it.
Metagaming is defined as using out of character information in character. Inciting someone else to metagame is against this rule. Examples:
  • John Doe reads something from out of character chat and roleplays knowing that in-character.
  • Jane Smith reads something from twitch chat and roleplays knowing that in-character.
Using out of game communications like Discord, Skype, etc. to communicate in character while in-game is forbidden.

New Life Rule (NLR)
If you’re downed and respawn at the hospital your character forgets the immediate events leading up to being down in the current scenario. A player may not return to the area of their death for at least 15 minutes or attempt to retrieve lost possessions from involved players.
  • If you are downed and respawn at the hospital your character forgets the immediate events leading up to being downed in the current scenario. You may not respawn if you’ve been advised that police or EMS is on the way to your scene.
  • You must try and contact medical help of some sort while incapacitated.

Third Party Modifications
Third party modifications are defined as using a program, software that gives you an unfair advantage over other players. This includes the following; mods, trainers, crosshair monitor, etc.


A no crime zone is an area where player(s) may not commit any crimes. If the player that you’re attacking flees to a safezone then the roleplay is allowed to continue. You should not be waiting outside of a safe-zone to commit a robbery or any crime at all. The sidewalks and parking lots connected to the listed greenzones are also intended to be greenzones, however the street is not.
  1. City Hall
  2. All government offices, law enforcement offices, hospitals, and banks.
  3. Airport
  4. Department of Motor Vehicles
  5. Mechanic Shops
  6. Parking Lots
  7. Car Dealerships
  8. Spawn Locations
  9. Car Sales Lot
  10. Player Owned Businesses