City of Saints: NYC

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  1. Hometeam

    In-game Guidelines

    In-game Guidelines Common Rules ⦁ Every player should feel welcomed in the community no matter what their background is. Any form of OOC discrimination towards another is forbidden and can result into a ban. This includes platforms such as twitch, discord, twitter, reddit, etc. ⦁...
  2. Hometeam

    Weapons & Drugs Price Agreement

    Drugs & Narcotics Drug Price Note(s): Marijuana $100 to $350 per gram Each bag is counted as a 3.5gs Cocaine $350 to $600 per gram Lean $800 to $2,800 per pint One bottle equals a pint of Lean and can only be sold whole. Percocet $100 to $450 per pill A bottle of pills equals 30...